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Power Peptide Serum

Paraben-Free           Phthalates-Free          Sulfate-Free 


Formulated using EIGHT of the highest amounts of cutting edge, multi-functional, next generation peptides, we feel we have created the most powerful peptide complex to date.   


Peptides are "molecular messengers" and recognized by cell membrane receptors, binding to that receptor, triggering intracellular action. Peptides small molecular size penetrate deep within the layers of the skin, to the DNA level.  They "turn on" the cell switches that stimulalte collagen, promote tissue repair, participate in wound healing, brighten, builds colllagen, firms skin, hydrates, enhances natural antioxidant defense that protects the skin, macromolecular synthesis and helps protect from UV damage.


With each application, PM Peptide reminds the skin cells to function the way they did when they were younger!  Apply to the face and neck for optimal results

Power Peptide Serum

SKU: 03-002
  • Packed with 8 ground-breaking Peptides