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skin services

If your skin isn't radiant and glowing, it could be a sign
that something isn't functioning properly

Caring for the face, one of the most exposed areas of your skin, truly is one of life's rewards and part of your total well-being!  

Dull, lifeless skin could be a sign that something in the body isn't on track.  Women often suffer from "sick skin" caused by stressful lifestyles, diet, excess use of cosmetics or skin care that is not suited for your skin type.  

To explain further, today's stressors cause muscles to tense up, blood thickens and the body's energy is diverted to digestion, cleansing and repairing.  Toxins are not properly removed, built up in the body and is reflected in the skin.   The result...sallow, less oxygenated skin that is more likely to wrinkle.  Stress levels increase cortisol (a stress hormone) accelerate aging, increase hormone levels, cause acne, eczema and psoriasis.  Professional facial treatments prevent future skin care concerns that may appear. 

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