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Starter/Travel Kit
Our Starter/Travel Kit is the perfect introduction to our skincare line. This convenient kit provides you with travel-sized versions of our most popular products, making it easy to begin using our skincare regimen. Whether you're new to our brand or just need a handy set for on-the-go, this kit has everything you need to keep your skin looking its best. With high-quality ingredients and gentle formulas, our Starter/Travel Kit will leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Start your skincare journey today with this must-have kit.

Starter/Travel Kit

    • 1.5 oz. Mint Cleanser
    • 1 oz Rose Tonique 
    • .5 oz. Peptide Boost Antioxidant Cream 
    • .20 oz Stem Cell Peptide Serum 
    • .20 oz Mandelic 10%  Serum
    • .20 oz Skin Balancing Oil
    • .20 oz. Sensitive C Serum 
    • .20 oz. Lira Clinical Tinted Sun Protection 
    • Healing Stick Lip Balm
    • Healing Balm sample