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Stem Cell Peptide Serum

Paraben-Free          Phthalate-Free          Gluten-Free          Sulfate Free


Deep penetrating serum contains APPLE STEM CELLS that stimulate the regeneration of healthy human skin cells.  This silky serum also contains peptides and growth factors for collagen stimulation and repair.   Ground-breaking techniques using APPLE STEM CELLS and epidermal growth factors, deposit nano-encapsulated chirally active ingredients into the skin, promoting healthy tissue growth, boosts collagen and reduces wrinkles.   The addition of state-of-the-art antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid, ubiquinone (CoQ10), (PBX), spin traps and Vitamin C make this a therapeutic skin serum for all skin types.  Apply in the morning to the face and neck for optimal results. 


Stem Cell Peptide Serum

SKU: 03-001
  • Apple Stem Cells

    Epidermal Growth Factors



    Vitamin C