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Mandelic Acid Serum  10%

Mandelic 10% is typically for those with normal skin types and is excellent for clients with darker skin tones as it does not cause the unwanted, lighter skin tone changes that you might experience with other AHA's!  Mandelic serums are effective for fungal folliculitis, inflamed and non inflamed acne because of its amazing antibacterial, antifungal, and exfoliating properties.This is the top seller for ingrown hairs, bumps on cheeks and chin as well as for acne prone skin. Topically it is an excellent exfoliator for clients suffering from Rosacea.  Mandelic acid inhibits the growth of melanin, the cause of brown patches, freckles, uneven skin tone other sun-related skin care issues.

Due to the larger molecular structure, it takes longer to penetrate the skin surface and is much less irritating than other alpha hydroxy acids.


Mandelic Acid Serum 10%

SKU: 03-007
    • Mandelic Acid (made from Bitter Almonds)
    • Lactic Acid 
    • Niacinamide
    • Licorice Root Extract
    • Chamomile Extract