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Are you a good candidate 

for Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening?


Client’s skin should not be inflamed in the treatment area of concern.

♦ Any client prone to keloid scarring is not an ideal candidate.

♦ Have Lupus

♦ Have Epilepsy 

♦ If you’ve ever had Gold Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

♦ Clients with diabetes, healing disorders or concerns, lymphatic drainage issues should not undergo treatment.

♦ Clients with a sunburn or suntan must wait a full 8 weeks to undergo treatment.

♦ Clients with a history of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation after injury to the skin should not undergo this treatment for risk of this re-occurring.

♦ Vitiligo

♦ Currently using Accutane, Corticosteroids, Blood Thinners, Antabuse

♦ The client must not display Herpes Simplex Virus (Cold Sores or Fever Blisters) at time of appointment.  Client will be asked to reschedule appointment if experiencing an outbreak and must know that an outbreak may occur at the area after treatment.  A treatment dose of Valtrex 3 days before and 4 days following must be shown from a physician’s prescription.

♦ Any clients with a pacemaker are prohibited to obtain this treatment as it may interfere with the pacing device.

♦ Clients who are or may be pregnant or breast feeding are not candidates to receive treatment.

♦ Clients who are immune compromised such as HIV/AIDS, or receiving chemotherapy are not candidates.

♦ Clients with skin cancer are not candidates.

♦ Clients with dark skin (Fitzpatrick 5 & 6) will hyper-pigment and are not candidates to receive this treatment.  All Fitzpatrick 4 skin types will be subject to a test patch prior to full procedure. SEE MORE INFO BELOW

♦ Contact lenses must be removed before eyelid treatment- no exceptions

♦ Any clients who wish to undergo an upper eyelid produce absolutely MUST remove ANY false lashes.  NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! 


High risk of infection and can embed and irritate the treatment area.  Your deposit will be forfeited should you arrive to your appointment with eyelashes in place.  Eyelashes MUST remain off until completely healed.  This is for your safety and absolutely no exceptions will be made.










♥ Darker skin tones (African American, African, Latin, Native American, Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian ancestry and people of mixed ethnicities) may not good candidates for Plasma Pen.

♥ Poshe Skincare and Wellness is committed to safe and effective treatments for all. When in doubt, we don’t risk it! We do not provide Plasma Pen treatments on Fitzpatrick skin types 5-6

♥ All Fitzpatrick 4 skin types will be subject to a test patch prior to full procedure.


Clients who CAN have the service but may heal slower:

  • If you are anemic

  • If you bruise/bleed easily

  • If you’ve had cataracts

  • You’ve had a corneal abrasion

  • Diabetics will heal slower but can have the procedure

  • If you get cold sores you will want to pre-treat with medication

  • If you have kidney or liver disease you’ll heal slower

  • Same with mitral valve prolapse

  • You shouldn’t treat an area with active eczema or psoriasis



Clients who can have the treatment with a time delay:

  • Recent Botox or Filler treatments should wait 21 days after to have Plasma Pen

  • There’s a 3 month wait after Bleph surgery or Facelifts/Browlifts

  • If you’ve had chemo or radiation there is a 5 week wait

  • Wait 12 weeks after eye laser surgery

  • If you’ve had Shingles, wait 6 months for treatment

  • There’s a 6 month wait after Accutane use

Fibroblast (Plasma Skin Tightening) is not suitable for everyone. If you are considering Plasma Skin Tightening, you should be in good health at the time of the appointment, with no pre-existing health conditions. Ideal candidates for this cosmetic procedure are those with fair to medium skin tones with lax, crepe-like skin around the eyes, neck, tummy, mouth, or targeted area for the treatment.  Fibroblast will not effect fat cells. A good candidate must not be prone to keloid scars, have diabetes, a healing disorder, lymphatic draining issues, history of hyperpigmentation, wear a pacemaker, be pregnant or be breastfeeding. 

This treatment is only recommended on light-medium skin tones (FitzPatrick Scale 1-3 and sometimes 4). If you are a number 4, you may get hyper-pigmentation, which isn’t necessarily permanent and could be reversed with such treatments like IPL. People with number 3 and 4 complexions are recommended to get a patch test in treatment area(s) to see how your skin responds. Also, Asian skin of any type is more prone to hyper-pigmentation so a patch test is suggested. Anyone with a darker complexion (5 and 6) is at risk for hyperpigmentation. Regardless of your FitzPatrick Skin Type or if you are not sure if you are prone to hyperpigmentation, a patch test is recommended  for everyone as hyperpigmentation and/or texture is always a risk for everyone


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