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Body Treatments

Detoxifying Herbal Body Wrap

Reducing tension and stress, our deep detoxifying body wrap refreshes and relaxes. Creating  a customized herbal solution, it simmers slowly to extract healing constituent.  Dry brushing will stimulate the lymphatic system, soft cloths are  dipped into the herbal blend and then wrapped around your body, but first you'll make a quick  stop in the infrared sauna to soften pores and begin the state of relaxation  Special blends can be created for healing, detoxification, relaxation, stimulation, pain reduction, tension release, or to encourage better sleep.  

75 min |  $165.00

Full Body Exfoliation

Experience an invigorating full body exfoliation which will remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, aid in detoxifying, firming and toning.  Dull lifeless skin will be stimulated leaving you feeling smooth and conditioned.

60 min.  |   $125.00

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