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& Wellness

To preserve the quality of our services, Poshe' is an appointment only facility.   My goal is to provide a private, professional atmosphere that caters to you and only you.


Bringing 20+ years of knowledge and education into the treatment room, I have worked with and trained dermatologist, plastic surgeons and their staff about in-depth skincare treatments. 

Professional herbal consultations, Professional formula dispensing, Herbal Apothecary including herbal tinctures, herbal oils, dried herbal tea blends & more...

How do you know what products are right for your skin?  Health of the skin doesn't begin with a few good products and a periodic facial treatment.  It's never too late, or too early, to focus on healthy skin!  

Incorporating good lifestyle habits and  proper nutrition that most of us, in our busy lives, put on the back-burner to support and balance the mind and body

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